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Nothing to do, kinda depressed Okay so I got a new blog, wohoo. Don't like my old one anymore, I had nothing to do, so i decided to start fresh. I know it's crazy that I'm already up, couldn't sleep the whole night. Great story. Yesterday we were in town, with a lot a people, kinda to celebrate C's Bday, so we bought something to drink, we're all pretty drunk. Then we went to the Atomic Club, I was still in a good mood. I love going out so I was excited about having weekend and stuff. But than L was really drunk, and - started hitting on M again. She took him by the hand, placed her hand on his shoulder, etc. I guess I don't have to tell the whole story - pretty easy to imagine. Why? I don't know, I'd appreciate if someone would tell me. I don't understand those two! I mean - hello?! - M has strong feelings for L, and L knows about that and says that for her he's just a good friend. So why does she keep torturing him like that? I mean that's just not fair? And why doesn't he do anything, go away or i don't no?! I just got so fucking agressive and coulnd't stand it any longer. And than, L started dancing with all those boys, omg sorry but she's such a bitch! I would never have imagined that she would be one of those one day, she was such a great friend of mine in the past... I'm not sure if the two of them also made out, but I'm not even sure if i want to know! After all of them went home - sharing a taxi - i was in such a bad mood that I decided to go home, I didn't want to destroy the mood, i felt really sorry for T! She's a great friend! Just a little while after the others I went to get my jacket, together with Mo. He's really nice, I like him. He went to the taxi to me, so I didn't have to walk alone. Than I was home and couldn't sleep, I was just really upset with the whole situation... I slept just a few hours, but okay. I just hope I don't have to talk to M or L today, I don't know if I could handle it without starting to cry... I don't have any hopes anymore that M could get oder her - bitch.
20.1.08 12:17

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